Hardwood Badge Plaque

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Perfect wall art for every warrior! Our badges make great gifts for every occasion, or perfect to hang in your own home! Each badge is made from high quality hard woods for a perfect piece that will last! Upload a picture of your badge, patch, coin, logo, and we will recreate it into a beautiful wood piece you will love!

The sizes listed are an approximate size based on the longest axis. Each badge is custom made which makes the exact size difficult to predict as it can vary. Badges/plaques are milled to an approximate thickness of 0.75 inches but the carving process may result in a slightly thicker or thinner product, 

Each badge can be customized with your rank and badge number. If you are interested in something more custom send us a message prior to ordering!

Please include a high resolution image of your desired badge, patch, coin, etc for best results. 

Caring for your badge/plaque can be done by wiping it clean with a gentle cloth. DO NOT use cleaning chemicals or water as this may result in damaging your product. A damp cloth may be used for stains, however quickly dry away any moisture to prevent damage. Our badges/plaques are NOT meant for outdoor usage. 


Approximate Dimensions
(based on longest axis) 

Small = Approximately 10.5 inches
Medium = Approximately 16 inches
Large = Approximately 23 inches