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In the last month I have been receiving several phone calls, and messages in reference to charges and fees posted to "customers" bank accounts under the name "Warrior Made." Apparently after speaking with the individuals, and doing a little research, I have learned there is a company out of California that has recently decided to change their name from "Workout Warriors" to "Warrior Made."

This has caused several issues (for both businesses) as their customers are now calling me (hopefully looking at the craftsmanship and time we put into each flag :D) trying to complain about a charge from a business they are familiar with as "Workout Warriors" or trying to "log in" or cancel an order. This company is causing confusion and anger with their customers which ultimately is an unwise decision, as there are several sources out there that offer some sort of workout routine (cheaper than $40 a month, the normal charge amount each caller has reported) or even off Youtube for free. 

To me the most absurd thing about this whole ordeal is, why would you take your already established business brand, and suddenly change it out of nowhere on your customers? Your customers know your brand, they are familiar with your product under your current branding. Workout Warriors is even a great business name for a group of individuals with the same mindset of getting fit and healthy. Then suddenly changing that on them, basically over night?  That's like Coca Cola deciding tomorrow that they are going to change their name to Dove. 

With that said, while we here at (the true) Warrior Made, do not offer workout routines, supplements or diet plans, we ARE partnered up with a local gym that you should checkout if you are looking to get fit, or need a new gym home! Check out National Fitness over at Facebook ( who should change their name to Costco because why not, their customers won't be confused right?).

PS. Thank you for the promotional material and new customers!


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