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We are looking forward to be offering a new flag this month! Get ready for the iconic Gadsden Flag! The Gadsden Flag is given its name after Christopher Gadsden, an American General during the American Revolution. The flag portrays a coiled Timber Rattlesnake, native to the 13 Colonies; and traced back to 1751 when Benjamin Franklin publish his satirical cartoon "Join, or Die" in the Pennsylvania Gazette. As the American Revolution grew, the Timber Rattlesnake was used more and more as a symbol representing the colonies, and later suggested by Franklin that the snake be used as a symbol for the American Spirit. It [the rattlesnake] was later adopted by the Continental Congress in 1778 and symbolized as the official Seal of the War Office; and has since been used officially by the Army for over 230+ years (as seen in the official Army Seal with the wording "This We'll Defend").

The flag as we now know it (a simplified version of a Providence Train of Artillery's flag from 1775) was presented to newly appointed Navy Commander Esek Hopkins, from Gadsden, to serve as the distinctive personal standard [flag] of his flagship.

Warrior Made will be offering for sale, a version of Gadsden's flag this October! We are excited to offer this flag as it embodies the unwavering spirit of our Warriors, patriots, and American people! Be sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for more updates! 


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